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HDH has assembled a parcel from three top Piedmont wineries: Gaja, Giacomo Conterno, and Vietti. These wines exemplify the frequently heard debate in the region of traditional vs. modern wines. Giacomo Conterno falls firmly into the most traditional camp, employing extended macerations followed by long cask aging. Gaja is the name we associate with a more modern approach, while Vietti blends the two seamlessly. Explore a selection of all three and taste the differences for yourself. Many are in-stock and available for immediate enjoyment.

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*earliest arrival fall 2023

Gaja at HDH Retail

2021 Langhe Bianco, Rossj-Bass
$99 per bottle
2018 Barolo, Dagromis
$115 per bottle
2020 Langhe Chardonnay, Gaia & Rey
$319 per bottle
2018 Darmagi*
$235 per bottle
2019 Barbaresco
$305 per bottle
2018 Sperss
$399 per bottle
2019 Darmagi
$399 per bottle
2017 Barolo, Dagromis*
$95 per bottle
2018 Barolo, Conteisa
$375 per bottle
2016 Barbaresco*
$515 per magnum

Giacomo Conterno at HDH Retail

2020 Barbera D’Alba, Vigna Francia
$65 per bottle
2017 Barolo, Francia*
$575 per magnum
2018 Barolo, Arione
$265 per bottle
2015 Barolo, Cerretta*
$685 per magnum
2018 Barolo, Cerretta
$265 per bottle
2013 Barolo, Cerretta*
$315 per bottle | $685 per magnum
2018 Barolo, Francia
$265 per bottle
2013 Barolo, Monfortino*
$2,399 per magnum
2017 Barolo, Cerretta
$265 per bottle | $565 per magnum
2012 Barolo, Francia*
$575 per bottle

Vietti at HDH Retail

2019 Barbera D’Alba, Scarrone, Vietti
$45 per bottle
2018 Barolo, Cerequio, Vietti
$199 per bottle
2019 Barbera D’Alba, Scarrone, Vigna Vecchia, Vietti
$79 per bottle
2018 Barolo, Lazzarito, Vietti
$199 per bottle
2018 Barbera D’Alba, Scarrone, Vigna Vecchia, Vietti
$79 per bottle
2018 Barolo, Ravera, Vietti
$199 per bottle
2018 Barolo, Brunate, Vietti
$199 per bottle
2017 Barbaresco, Masseria, Vietti
$99 per bottle

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